Esab Jointing And Incising Equipment(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

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From 1904, ESAB Corporation was to be at the leading position continuously in jointing and incising area. In improving and developing our products unceasingly in the process, each service we managed is facing the challenge of technological development aspect. The transnational production of welding material and the equipment, enable our products more appropriate to our customers which ESAB Corporation produces to request.
Our company is major in trading. The company has invested three hundr...

      • Company Name:
      • Esab Jointing And Incising Equipment(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
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      • Main Products:
      • Aluminium alloy welding stick including rolled wire and steel bar:okAutrod1100,2319,4043,4047,5356,5183,5556 all series of aluminium welding stick. Our products are all Through related technical authentication.
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      • B-C Seat,22 Floor of East Technology Jingcheng Building, No.668, East Beijing Road,Shanghai City
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      • 200001
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      • Zhang Mingming
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      • 021-63222121
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      • 021-65666622
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